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From Human Zoos to Anthropology

When colonialism and looting were deemed legitimate, the invaders saw everything in their own right.  Natural resources, processed products … And the worst of all; people … They stole and sold them… They became nightmares for many people and took away their lives. As they claimed these places as an extension of their country and […]

14 September 2019

Ilgar Najaf in MOOOV Film Festival with Pomegranate Orchard – Interview

Most film festivals are called by the name of the city in which city they are organised. But there is a festival that breaks this rule; MOOOV Film Festival. In Belgium, it is carried out in seven different cities at the same time. Moreover, there are separate sections for children during the festival. And after […]

31 May 2019

FOUR ‘N EARS live at Gigos Cre@tief

ALEGRIA ‘FOUR ‘N EARS’ ism LAS LLORONAS Alegria is een muzikaal project waarbij de muzikanten van Las Lloronas een diverse groep Genkse muzikale talenten begeleidt richting een huiskamerconcert 30/30/30 op 30 april in Cre@ief. Las Lloronas brengt met accordeon, gitaar en krachtige vocals muziek en poëzie. In een soort van zelfreflectie met authenticiteit, feminisme, vreugde en […]

4 May 2019

Garage Blues premier

In the end of February, Cinemaximiliaan organised a one-week workshop with master students of LUCA School of Arts, during which 5 short movies were written, shot and edited. All movies were made under the theme of “being stuck” and the tasks were divided equally within each group. GARAGE BLUES – thriller – 4’24” – color […]

Holy Justice

Sometimes a sentence from a book remains in mind, sometimes a scene from a movie. From the movie Mandela, his fight with his wife has remained in my mind. When Mandela came out of jail and had power, he chose not to fight against the white, but against discrimination. His wife, on the other hand, was eager to take the revenge of the past years. The greatness of Mandela lies here rather than his years of torture and imprisonment.

12 April 2019

Tightrope Walkers

Tightrope Walkers Every neighborhood had empty yards. “Where are you going, boy?”, the mother would ask. The answer was mostly “to the yard!”.  Besides, every age had a peer. Most of them were also classmates at school. The children of the neigborhood plated football in the yards. But there was also, bike renting man who […]

28 March 2019


Ter gelegenheid van Wereld Vrouwendag werd deze (poëzie) video gemaakt in 5 talen. In deze man gecentreerde wereld moeten we de trieste werkelijkheid steeds onder ogen zien, dat er geen gelijke rechten zijn…

23 March 2019

Evolution or Demolition

One of the most questioned issues in urban transformation is its effects on those living in the area.

23 March 2019