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Participatory echoes

Reference for poetry walk in a natural park organized by Limburgs Landschap vzw in Hengelhoef. The video of the activity can be seen here. https://youtu.be/JbAehMzPMtY

Notes inspired by two participatory artistic practices: Memories are some kind of recording system. Our lives pass before our eyes like a filmstrip. Then come the objects we interact with. They contain different aspects of life. Bell is one of them.  Bells take place in different parts of social life, big or small. We see them in the churchs, in the hand of Santa Claus, […]

24 April 2021

A journey of hope

Photo: Savaş Boyraz

A Turkish proverb says, ‘Hope is the bread of the poor.’ We obviously hope for what we are lacking. If we need to feed ourselves, it is then what we hope for. But is that all about hope? Maybe we carry hope in our genes. Well, would someone who has no hope for the future want to have children? Especially the parents of the baby boom times? It is precisely […]

18 February 2021

Johnny Guitar

“Play the guitar, play it again, my JohnnyMaybe you’re cold but you’re so warm inside” The beautiful words and the melody of Johnny Guitar have warmed our hearts for years. The song was made by Peggy Lee and Victor Young. Challenging the audience’s paradigm about western movies, the film was directed by the legendary Nicholas Ray and was released in 1954. In the […]

19 January 2021

Journey to infinity

On the one hand, we are trying to attribute a meaning to everything. On the other hand, life constantly reminds us of its meaning. If knowledge is formed by experience, how can we then say that we have knowledge about life without understanding the experiences? We come to the world as individuals. One. One is […]

16 November 2020

Een duivenliefdesverhaal

Een duif… Een soort duif maar toch anders dan een duif. “Kumru” in het Turks. Zij vertrok van uit de Balkan. Zij kwam aan, aan de kust van de Marmara Zee. Naar een stad met smalle wegen: ‘Evreşe’. De stad had zelfs een eigen Turks lied, genaamd: ‘Evreşe yolları dar’ (De  wegen van Evreşe zijn smal). […]

17 June 2020

Leren op afstand

Afstandsonderwijs… We grijpen het tegenwoordig als reddingsvest.  Maar is afstandsonderwijs voldoende? Voordat we deze vraag beantwoorden, moeten we eens kijken naar wat onderwijs of leren is… Wat is leren? Wat is onderwijs? Leren.. We beginnen te leren vanaf het moment dat we geboren zijn. Er is geen school of leraar. Er is alleen de omgeving […]

31 March 2020

“Kamishibai” in asylum centers

“Kamishibai” in asylum centers He said, my name is Irfan. “Do you know the meaning?” I asked. Of course, he didn’t know. How would he?.. Before he had the opportunity to learn, he fell on the road at such an early age. He escaped from the everlasting fire of the Middle East with his family […]


Cities… People… Separations, reunions… One of the most important places of a city where people meet are obviously the train stations. And train journeys and stations have historically taken place at the heart of poems, novels and artwork. For this reason, Akrostiş Literature Magazine dedicated its latest issue to train journeys and stations. What is […]

30 November 2019

From Human Zoos to Anthropology

When colonialism and looting were deemed legitimate, the invaders saw everything in their own right.  Natural resources, processed products … And the worst of all; people … They stole and sold them… They became nightmares for many people and took away their lives. As they claimed these places as an extension of their country and […]

14 September 2019

Ilgar Najaf in MOOOV Film Festival with Pomegranate Orchard – Interview

Most film festivals are called by the name of the city in which city they are organised. But there is a festival that breaks this rule; MOOOV Film Festival. In Belgium, it is carried out in seven different cities at the same time. Moreover, there are separate sections for children during the festival. And after […]

31 May 2019