Cosmic Healing Brussels

“My journey that takes me to Cosmic Energy was a long one. During my formal university education in chemistry I stepped in to another magical world that I had never knew it exist. World of Usui Reiki. The more I practice the more I got curious. During this period I had a very beautiful experience with Kundalini Yoga. As those practices helped to reduce my stress level then I saw some of my physical problems were healed. Isn’t it enough to start those works? I have met my dearest teacher Nesrin Kayatürk who taught me a lot… Then the path helped me to meet with many beautiful methods as a practitioner, Usui Reiki, Access Consciousness Bars, healing with mantras,…, and finally my last station, my real treasury Cosmic Energy Healing.

The more I cleaned my energy, the more I have manifested my own healing power. They took me to the other doors of understanding the principle of the universe. Since a while I am a constant student of cosmic energy and astrology.

I am wishing you all a good time…”

Kübra Özgüvenç

Video: Yüksel Çilingir

28 April 2019