Interview with Grace Winter

Grace Winter; an art historian and social anthropologist, a documentary researcher in Cinemateque Royal Belgium and a consultant for MOOOV and Rotterdam film festivals.

She made the milestone documentary “Marquis de Wavrin, du manoir à la jungle” which put light on the anthropologist author, photographer and film maker Marquis Robert de Wavrin and the lives of the native people in South America between 1910-1930 through his eyes.

The interview covers:

Who is Grace Winter?

Evolution of Marquis de Wavrin documentary

What is impressive about Wavrin?

Cencorship in the original version

Transitition of Wavrin’s attitude

Colonialism and anthropology

Human zoos in Belgium

Contribution to academic studies

Wavrin as an anthropologist

Current studies on Wavrin

Music and image

What is next?

Interview with Grace Winter