Once upon a time

Yes, fairy tales always start like this. Then continue with “The sieve is in straw…” in Turkish versions. We listened to them without thinking what the sieve was. It did not really matter anyway. The main thing was that the good won. Even if they could not meet sometimes, the lovers were always in love.

Everything is possible in fairy tales. Dreams or troubles. But there is always a learning point. “Then camels were critters, fleas were barbers, the donkey was the broker and the mule was the gunsmith…” Things can go up side down. In short, we should not brag about what we are. Especially never hurt the weak. Tellers of tales should perhaps listen a little for themselves.

Time is inside time in fairy tales. “While I was rocking my father’s cradle…”  We obviously came from our father’s infancy, just as the arrival of Thursday is evident from Wednesday (another Turkish saying). We admired our mother’s sparkling eyes  even in her childhood. Back then we longed for the future, now for the past.

Even if we say the past, it does not actually pass. “Who came and who passed…” it is just a song. Everyone is in the now. Friend, foe. They do not leave. Similar people or happenings find you even in your dreams. Or in some events you do not know where they come from. Life lessons do not leave you until you have learned them. And then always a new one. We, like the universe, are constantly expanding.

A song echoing. “I would wrap you in cotton balls…” Did I not know the value of somebody? Or is somebodytelling it to me? Or someone else? The feeling flies like comets. It touches the soul like the wind. There’s no choice but to feel deep inside.

Time has passed again as I write these. “I saw the sun…” But what I saw was it 8.44 minutes ago. If it is gone out by accident, I cannot even notice it yet. We always live in a nostalgia. Even the people at NASA. What they are trying to reach is always about the past, the photos that come from the space are from thousands of years ago.

Again, once upon a time…

Stay with love.

20 January 2022