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The Color of Pomegranates

Life and humanity have no boundaries in essence. But it is again us: we create them for political reasons. I did my university internship in a factory in Poland with the student exchange program. In 1984, Eastern Europe was still behind the iron curtain. I encountered the reality of controlled borders at the entrance and exit of […]

30 January 2023

Sound and Padre Padrone  

We come to the earth from a dark. We hear before we see. It is apparently quite noisy inside the womb, about 90 decibels, the level of background noise in an apartment next to an elevated train. There is first the flow of all liquids we hear, and the beautiful heartbeat of our mother. It […]

3 December 2022

Once upon a time

Yes, fairy tales always start like this. Then continue with “The sieve is in straw…” in Turkish versions. We listened to them without thinking what the sieve was. It did not really matter anyway. The main thing was that the good won. Even if they could not meet sometimes, the lovers were always in love. Everything is possible in fairy tales. Dreams or troubles. But there is always a learning point. […]

20 January 2022

MAX Diversity

We humans have always migrated. If it is to your liking, it is a multicultural world adventure. But if it is forced migration, it is an unpleasant journey. Separation from home, first of all. And always long for that. But if you are not received with empathy, or not received at all, it hurts much […]

19 December 2021

When memories bloom

“A madman far from the world,” says Turkish poet Sebahattin Ali for his melancholy state. The music group Yeni Türkü asks in their famous song: “Which is homeland for us, where is abroad”. Where are we actually?   Nostalgia is described as longing for a moment or place in the past. Melancholy is a state […]

19 December 2021

Participatory echoes

Reference for poetry walk in a natural park organized by Limburgs Landschap vzw in Hengelhoef. The video of the activity can be seen here.

Notes inspired by two participatory artistic practices: Memories are some kind of recording system. Our lives pass before our eyes like a filmstrip. Then come the objects we interact with. They contain different aspects of life. Bell is one of them.  Bells take place in different parts of social life, big or small. We see them in the churchs, in the hand of Santa Claus, […]

24 April 2021

A journey of hope

Photo: Savaş Boyraz

A Turkish proverb says, ‘Hope is the bread of the poor.’ We obviously hope for what we are lacking. If we need to feed ourselves, it is then what we hope for. But is that all about hope? Maybe we carry hope in our genes. Well, would someone who has no hope for the future want to have children? Especially the parents of the baby boom times? It is precisely […]

18 February 2021

Johnny Guitar

“Play the guitar, play it again, my JohnnyMaybe you’re cold but you’re so warm inside” The beautiful words and the melody of Johnny Guitar have warmed our hearts for years. The song was made by Peggy Lee and Victor Young. Challenging the audience’s paradigm about western movies, the film was directed by the legendary Nicholas Ray and was released in 1954. In the […]

19 January 2021

Expanded journey

We come to the world from a darkness. But darkness is ‘dark’ by our worldly definition: obscurity, grief. However, all feelings are present in our genes. Light is also included. As we move into worldly life, we first meet with pain and screaming. Then follows our first sense of pleasure: mother’s lap, breastfeeding ritual. The […]

7 January 2021

Journey to infinity

On the one hand, we are trying to attribute a meaning to everything. On the other hand, life constantly reminds us of its meaning. If knowledge is formed by experience, how can we then say that we have knowledge about life without understanding the experiences? We come to the world as individuals. One. One is […]

16 November 2020