Brussels Local Elections Debate

For the local elections in the commune of Brussels City (1000, 1020, 1120 or 1130), 7 candidates with international backgrounds present their respective political party, platform, and proposals for Brussels City, and answer questions from the audience at the Press Club:

– Ana-Maria Bogdan (cdH, the Humanist Democratic Centre party)
– Benedetta De Marte (Ecolo, the Green party)
– Didrik de Schaetzen (MR and VLD, the Liberal parties)
– Jeremy Bray (, a citizens list)
– Jo Wood (PS, the Socialist party)
– Myrna Nabhan (Défi, the Democratic Federalist Independent party)
– Radoslav Šoth (Plan B, a municipalist citizens list)

Organised by Expat Voters in Brussels – Larry Moffett.

16 Nisan 2019